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Goal: $10,000

I want you to imagine your childhood. Think back to running around on the playground, shrieking across the soccer field or sliding into home base. Think about gliding over the ice, hanging upside-down on the monkey bars or riding your bike around the neighbourhood. So many of the happy memories and moments of childhood centre around movement and connection with other people, but for kids with disabilities those opportunities are often significantly limited by their physical realities.


But it turns out that doesn’t have to the end of the story! My Team Triumph Canada works to pair people with disabilities (Captain’s) with able-bodied runners (Angels), and, using specially designed racing chairs, break down some of the barriers to movement for those with disabilities.

Providing these chairs and paying for race entry fees and logistics can add up real quick! That's why we reach out to donors just like you who are passionate about inclusion, racing and community to help us cover the costs needed for each of our events.

This year we have set our sites on six different races

Thanks so much for your generosity!

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